We offer support and guidance with your funeral service.

Dealing with grief is never easy, which is why the team at Martin Williams Funeral Directors offer professional advice and guidance when dealing with a funeral.

People do react differently to the loss of a loved one and there are no set procedures or steps that can or need to be taken to help someone through this difficult time. We also accept that we are not health professionals, but would like to offer some help to care for those who are grieving.

  • Realise the bereaved has suffered a loss
  • Acknowledge that each person's style of grieving will be unique
  • Listen and hear what is being said, even if it is repeated over and over again
  • Allow children to share in the grief process, including viewing the deceased and attending the funeral service
  • Encourage the griever to express emotion and to work through their grief
  • Advise against making major decisions in the first few months, as this is a time for healing and reorganisation, not enormous change
  • Recognise the intensity of grief that will be experienced at certain significant times, e.g.. anniversaries and special dates
  • Give them space. The griever will acknowledge reality when they are able to
  • Do not be turned off by repetitive knock backs in your effort to assist
  • Encourage the griever to live and love again when they are ready

We have trained grief counselors available to support you, consisting of people who are empathetic and understanding to needs of the bereaved.

Talk to us about this service, as we would be more than happy to recommend a counselor. Contact us for a confidential discussion, or come in and see us for added peace of mind when dealing with a funeral.

dealing with grief