Funeral Homes in Auckland

Auckland’s Full Service Funeral Directors

The funeral service provider in Auckland that cares about your wishes

For professional funeral services and advice in Auckland, Roz and Martin Williams will always take care of the organisation so you have the time and space in which to grieve.

As two of the most experienced funeral directors Auckland has to offer, they offer a wide range of funeral plans designed to meet your needs. Starting with their no service direct cremation option through to their full service funeral package. Their serene Auckland funeral home is the perfect place to remember your loved ones and say a final goodbye. Speak to them today about how they can help you organise a funeral service in Auckland.

They also specialise in national and international transfers.

Martin Williams Funeral Directors will always provide caring professional services to every culture and every community.


Martin Williams Funeral Directors is a funeral home that considers how practices and rituals vary greatly between cultures, communities and individuals. We provide everything in accordance with the wishes of the family. We can organise simple to elaborate ceremonies, depending upon your wishes. Our services include:

  • Transferring the deceased into our care
  • Providing mortuary care and treatment as required
  • Discussing the funeral wishes with your family
  • Organising the logistics of the funeral ceremony

Respectful services

As professionals Roz and Martin Williams will always be respectful of your needs. They are fully aware of how painful and difficult death is. They pride themselves on their compassion and empathy to provide a service that is reflective of the life of a much loved family member.

For a dignified and professional funeral service allow yourself the space to grieve and entrust Roz and Martin Williams with all the details. They are both qualified funeral professionals with over 40 years of combined experience as funeral directors in Auckland.

As members of both the Funeral Directors Association of New Zealand, and the New Zealand Embalmers Association, you can have total confidence that your needs and expectations will be met first time, every time.

A Funeral is not a day in a lifetime, it is a lifetime in a day